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Welcome to the future of energy

When it comes to energy, one thing can be said with certainty: we need more and more of it and have less and less resources available. Energy will become more expensive – if you need a lot of it, you should take the right steps today to avoid looking through your fingers tomorrow.


No capital investment necessary

You do not buy the system, but we make it available to you on your own roof area and operate it. Due to the photovoltaic system on your roof surface, there are no costs for you during the contracting period. Therefore, no capital investment, no investment or down payment is necessary.

Transfer of ownership after contracting term

At the end of the contracting period, the photovoltaic system is not dismantled but becomes your property. From this point on, you can use or feed in the produced solar electricity free of charge. The contracting term is determined individually with you, but is at least 18 AT or 20 (DE) years.

No maintenance and repair work required

During the contracting period we take over all maintenance and repairs. This also includes all cables, inverters, control devices, etc. In addition, the function and performance of your system is constantly monitored. In this way we avoid loss of earnings and guarantee the best service.

High-quality components and innovative technology

Sun Contracting is a long-term and sustainable concept, therefore only high-quality and durable technical components are used. This includes not only the modules and the inverter, but also optional energy regulators, power storage units and other additional devices that maximise the own consumption of solar power in your company.

At least 25 years performance guarantee of the modules

We only use photovoltaic modules with a 25 year linear performance guarantee from the manufacturer. However, this performance guarantee does not mean that the photovoltaic system is defective after 25 years! Many photovoltaic systems have been in operation for more than 35 years without any significant loss of performance. (Example: University of Applied Sciences Southern Switzerland, built in 1982)

The Holy Grail...

…we didn’t invent it either. What we have developed, however, is an efficient model for making the best possible use of existing energy sources. We rely on the sun, because unlike other raw materials, it is available indefinitely.

Our target...

…is explained quite simply: Making photovoltaics attractive and profitable for industry and commerce.

As one of the largest photovoltaic contracting providers in Europe, we not only stand for sustainable solar energy, but also for a holistic, economical energy concept that takes into account the future development of energy requirements. Naturally individually adapted to your requirements.

More than just photovoltaics
Many already rely on solar energy - but we know that efficient energy generation requires more than just the correct assembly of technical components. This is why we create holistic concepts that focus not only on technology but also on economic factors.

Unlike conventional models, you do not buy the photovoltaic system, but receive it from us - without investment, without acquisition costs.

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